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Most of us know that C/C++ is the ‘de facto’ language when it comes to creating or developing a Triple-A (AAA) video games.  It’s the language of choice by big video game studios around the world.  It’s fast, powerful and supports all major platform including but not limited to PlayStation, XBox, PC, Mac, etc.

If the big guys prefer C/C++, how about the Indie Game Developers, you might ask?  Well, that question also came to me when I first started my video game development adventure.

Yes, we can always google to find answers to every question but this time, I wanted to find the answer myself.  And so, I surveyed hundreds of veteran and aspiring indie game developer and was quite impressed with the results.

The bar graph below shows the top 10 most popular programming language in the survey.

As you can see, C# is the most popular programming language in the list and there is a big gap against C++ which by the way the 2nd most used language.

The pie-chart below shows the total result of the survey.  Note that “Others” is the total sum of the 10 programming languages that received a vote lower than 5.

It’s interesting to see that C# has taken up almost half of the pie.  I think this is due to the fact that Unity3D is a very popular and the game engine of choice among Indie Game Developers.  I’m 100% sure this will increase exponentially as Microsoft relicensed Mono completely under MIT License. One of the lead developer of Godot, another game engine with small but very dedicated user-based, expressed their interest in integrating Mono/C# on their next major release (I’m actually looking forward to it).

I hope you guys enjoyed this post =)

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(Featured image source: GeoAwesomeness)


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